Can running at night benefit you? Find out

When it comes to health and fitness, there are no shortcuts. If looking fit and fabulous is your goal, you have to work it all the way. Some people think of running as the best form of exercise. It helps them burn calories, without all the intimidating gymnasium paraphernalia. All they need is a pair of good shoes. But, what is the best time to run? And how often should you run? If you are looking to squeeze in some sprint hours, here is why you should consider nighttime running.

The health benefits

Nighttime running can give you more run time. Running is something that must be done every day. So, if mornings are tight — what with the alarms, the getting ready and leaving for work — you can consider running at night, after you are done with work. Also, on weekly offs, when are you are tempted to sleep in, you can do so, given that you already have a fixed running hour.

Nighttime running also allows you to eat properly throughout the day, knowing the food will get digested by the time you put on your running shoes. It also helps burn calories more efficiently. Besides, people find running on an empty stomach in the morning a challenging task.

Your day’s stress is taken care of. It is like when you break sweat, you release all the stress you have been carrying. It clears your mental clutter and makes you plan better for the next day. It also eases muscular tension and lowers blood pressure, making you more mindful and relaxed. As a result, you sleep better at night.

The downside

There are some drawbacks to nighttime running as well. These include low visibility which, in turn, can lead to minor accidents and injuries; safety, for which you can and must have a running partner — a canine friend will help, too. Make sure you tell someone you are off running, so they can expect you back home. If you choose to run on the streets, follow the road rules, especially when it comes to crossing the road.

Remember, you are allowed to choose a time that serves you. As long as you dilligently follow a fitness routine, you are good.